The Power and Potential of Africa through the eyes of Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula is a mining engineer who hails from Cagliari. He joined Eni in the year 1988. Roberto casula has spent the bigger part of his career in Africa and he believes the place has a lot of contribution to the history and business of Eni.

African’s access to power and energy.

The average energy consumed by the inhabitants is far less than the rest of the world. Africans occupy 16% of the world’s population and use 5% of the energy available. Two-third of the population of the Sub-Saharan region has no access to energy.roberto casula eni

Combustion of biomass in an enclosed surrounding is subjected to a huge health threat. According to WHO, more than 4 million people die every year due to some illness caused due to the ineffective use of these fuels. The burning of biomass emits CO2 which is a big threat to human health. If these fuels can be used efficiently then they can save the lives of millions and improve the quality of life they are leading.

Development of a region is directly dependent on access to energy.

If energy can be efficiently used then development is sure to come. With the proper use of energy, one can get clean water, proper healthcare, good lighting, cooking, and transportation, hygienic sanitation, and good communication system. In the 21st century, a country having all the above is developing.roberto casula eni

Roberto casula eni believes that access to energy has brought revolution in the US and Europe, and Africa can surely reach somewhere near in the 21st century. But the major part of the natural resources produced in the continent is shipped outside. The African’s are therefore forced to rely on the tropical rainforest for fuel. The rate of depletion is high which a big threat to the environment is.

A sustainable measure should be taken to address this issue or else the world shall face some severe problems.

Healthcare Innovations & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Healthcare innovation is a dynamic and perpetual process. An innovative technology supersedes the conventional methods making it obsolete. The consistent innovations through technology advancements bring a change in practice. This makes improvements in existing procedures, making them refined and more effective for patients.

Surgical innovations

An innovation was made in surgical technology nearly four decades ago, in 1980s. The advent of laparoscopy brought a revolution in the field of surgical techniques. Laparoscopy was introduced as an advanced alternative to conventional surgical method but its scope was limited at the time of its advent. Later decade, the 1990s introduced the concept of minimally invasive surgery. This concept was based on the concept of laparoscopy, and enhanced scope of laparoscopy. The aspiring surgeons like Roberto Casula were greatly impressed with minimally invasive surgical technique.roberto casula

Dr. Casula’s repute in MIS

Dr. Casula performed his first successful cardiac surgery of coronary bypass using this technique in 2002. This opened avenues for more minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Roberto Casula then performed over 135 successful cardiac surgeries for various heart disorders. Dr. Casula, a cardiothoracic surgeon in St. Mary’s College in London has many milestones of minimally invasive surgeries and robotic surgeries against his name.

Distinct pattern of MIS

There are many surgeons today who are switching over from conventional surgical procedures to minimally invasive procedures in the general surgery, pediatric surgery, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, and cardiothoracic surgery fields.roberto casula Robert Casula has also passed his skills of minimally invasive surgery to many surgeons by training them in this technique. There is a distinct pattern of growth in this field, and many surgeons now-a-days following this pattern. Minimally invasive surgery has a good future. This technique is also good for patients who can’t face the severity of conventional surgery. A surgery is going to be a much easier procedure in the future. Minimally invasive is a broad term, but procedures evolving under the umbrella of this term will do a great job in the field of surgery.

Secret of Lean & Fit Body Hollywood Don’t Reveal

Do you know about Hollywood’s dirty diet secrets? Do you know why Hollywood stars are so slim and why their body is toned? Every Hollywood star has a secret life, and star fans are not familiar with this life. A fan wishes to be like his or her favorite star and to maintain body like a star, but this is not possible without knowing this secret. When stars are interviewed to know the secret of their fit body, they often rave about their “good genes,” their affection for junk food. They tell lot more things about their active life. You can believe on their words, but you may not have a good experience when you try their secrets in your home.

Jennifer Hudson fatAre celebrity diet pills good for everyone?

In fact, no one ever tells his or her secrets, especially stars, because they don’t want anyone to have body like him or her. You can make your own secrets or chart out your own plan to maintain your body weight. Being an average individual, celebrity weight loss pills are not advised to you. The Hollywood celebs have very busy life and they sometimes don’t have time to eat and exercise in between busy shoot schedule. You have enough time to make your diet plan and stick to your diet chart. You can perform regular exercise or yoga for your body fitness, instead of thinking of celebrity diet pills.

Celeb’s secret of weight loss

Jennifer Hudson, a renowned celebrity, once had an experience of being overweight, but he didn’t make her weight loss a secret. She wanted to share it with everyone who is facing this problem. Read about Jennifer Hudson fat to know what she tells about weight loss. How can you lose weight in the right way? This is important to understand for everyone who is overweight or obese. You can be greatly helped by the experience of Jennifer Hudson to reduce your weight.

Is IFCJ a good charity?

Support form IFCJ

            IFCJ is the well known organizational and charitable foundation which was started in 1983. It is the organization which was started by Yechiel Epstein. The organization was mainly started with the purpose of helping the needy people of Israel. The Israel people are offered with food and medicines and the elderly people are also offered with medicines. The Israeli militIFCJ a good charityary families are provided with food. Moreover, the organization gives complete support to the immigrants in Israel.

IFCJ reviews and ratings

            IFCJ reviews say that the organization gives programs and training to the immigrants of Israel. They are also offered with the trips and activities such as market guidance for jobs, housing, etc. Charity navigator has given 85% of rating to the organization and it is bifurcated into two parts. The financial point of IFCJ rating is 79% and form accountability point of view, IFCJ ratings are 100%. This means that donating in this organization is a good decision. In one program, number of way has been implemented to bring Christians and Jews together. IFCJ a good charityThe donation of Christians have become useful for eh welfare and safety of the Jews in Israel and other countries.

            The international fellowship of Christians and Jews have always helped the poor families of Jews by donating them with food and medicines and also helped the elder citizens of the country. The poor families of military of Israel are also served with the medicines and food. Moreover, the organization has always helped the immigrants coming from distressed countries to Israel. They are given guidance of country and also about the job market. Is IFCJ a good charity? This is asked by people and it is a good charity as your donation will be valued and reach to the needy directly.

IFCJ and Its Programs of the IFCJ

It has been over a decade now that the IFCJ (International Fellowship of Christians and Jews) has been established as an organization of faith and of prosperity. It has not only been an excellent organization in performance but also in maintaining the diversity strategies. The programs of the IFCJ have been many but the notable ones are the Guardians of Israel. Through this program it has been helping 200 Israeli cities and has even provided food, shelter, medical care so on and so forth. Taking into account the poverty of Israel, this kind of assistance is extremely essential.

The Programs of IFCJ

The other is the On wings of Eagles. Apart from the Guardians of Israel, this programme provides on the job training and full assistance to become productive citizens of their own homes. It is basically helping the refugees and the immigrants.

IFCJ reviews have been true to the work that it has been doing. The IFCJ ratings after the launch of the programs have accelerated and have gained momentum. It has since then soared higher and higher. The success of the organization as visioned by Rabbi Eckstein has always been the guiding light. Among all criticisms, he held strong the faith of the mission. He was a true father figure.

The IFCJ rating has been dwindling since the death of Rabbi Yeckstein. The death was announced almost suddenly by the IFCJ in Jerusalem. In a condolence meet, the Prime Minister of Israel was seen breaking down. He was a true Israeli and saved many. The Messiah of all passed away silently.

The Question

Now there can be many burning issues to cater to, the most important, Is IFCJ a good charity might be the question in popular minds. Well it is difficult to tell, to judge each progress and calculate the goodness. However may it keep being the guiding star of the needy people, forever.