Planning A Trip to Australia? Make Your Choice Between Visa & ETA.

You may sometimes need to travel abroad for a specific purpose. Most people usually cross the border of their own country and migrate to another country for education, job, business, medical treatment, meet their family and friends, or tourism. The frequent travelers are usually business or tourist travelers. Some people dislike to make their foreign trip because of cumbersome visa issuing requirements.

What is ETA

The passport holders of few qualified countries have privilege of making trip to Australia without applying for a visa under Visa waiver program (VWP), subject to fulfilment of conditions laid down to qualify for visa waiver. Electronic Travel AuthorityUnder VWP, a short trip to australia, not exceeding 90 days, can be made on the Electronic Travel Authority, abbreviated as ETA. An intended traveler from a qualified country having a valid passport can apply for this electronic travel document online without undergoing rigorous visa application processing. Australia Visa Waiver Program was inducted in the year 1996 to reduce visa issuing burden on the Australian Government and was successfully implemented. The holder of ETA also has eased of travel to australia without applying for a visa.

Visa or ETA?

Visa is also an option for an individual applying for ETA, but both visa and ETA cannot be held at the same time. Electronic Travel AuthorityAn individual intending to apply for Electronic Travel Authority must not have a valid visa or pending visa application. Moreover, an individual who has got ETA cannot apply for Australian visitor visa within the validity of ETA document. Thus, it is always better to make choice before applying for either document. It is also important to ascertain which document is appropriate for your Australian trip.

Is ETA always the best choice?

Electronic Travel Authority remains the best choice most of the time but not always. A travel may make application for either visa or ETA before his travel plan and create an ease of trip to Australia.