Book of the Month Club Relaunch: A Bright Future for Emerging Novelists

The influence of the man behind revival of dying Book of the Month Club could be of great interest to every potential book reader. When John Lippmann took charge as new CEO of the Book of the Month Club, he knew the state of affairs of the Club. Despite knowing that the Club’s membership was consistently declining, he though inappropriate to disclose it because it could be further adverse for the business. Lippmann always kept a positive outlook of the Club by saying that the club is growing rapidly. What he said was what he did eventually.

Lippmann’s gratitude

Today, John Lippmann is proud of the Book of the Month Club he nourished, overhauled, relaunched, and developed for a new look for modern generation and to fit in the current scenario of online book selling. Lippman has gratitude to readers, authors, and publishers who supported him in his mission. He is also grateful for the strong reception that the relaunched club has received from valuable book community. The Club has further mission of connecting readers, authors, and publishers around great new books. Lippmann looks forward to a positive future for the Book of the Month Club.

Lippmann created bright future for emerging novelists

The traits of John Lippman are not just appreciable for remake of Book of the Month Club, but new features introduced by Lippmann are worth mentioning that contributed to the successful accomplishment of mission of the Club. BOMC features new and midlist authors to help readers to discover books beyond the bestseller list. This is the great objective of Lippmann. He selected debut novels from emerging authors in the selection list of Book of the Month. It is pretty fortunate for new writers to find place of their debut work in the Book of the Month. It sounds great and it’s a great idea as well. The Book of the Month relaunch is a bright future of emerging novelists.