Explain the journey of Blake Orlandi

Do you love books? Then, you need to subscribe to the Book of the Month ecommerce subscription company. This company would filter out millions of books and pick the top five books every month and sends to the members. This company has the user base of around 15 thousand members. This company is helping the avid readers to find the best books that they are yearning to read for a long time. There are many good books that are written by the debutante writers are lurking in the dark. Therefore, these people are shedding light on those beautiful books and helping the readers to gain access to those books.

Blake Orlandi is the COO of this Book of the Month Company. He is putting his heart and soul to bring the company to the next level. This company has a lot of history, which was re-launched in 2015. When comes to the education of this COO, he has completed his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pittsburg in Industrial Engineering in the year 2005. Soon after completion of his studies in this college, he cracked a job in Deloitte Consulting as a Business Analyst. He started his career with this company and grew to a Consultant role.


After leaving this organization, he joined Evergreen Copyrights Company in the year 2008 and worked in the Manager role and moved to the Director’s role. He worked in the Acquisitions and Business Development Department. With the interest to move into the managerial role, Blake Orlandi attended Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School in 2012. After completion of the Masters, he took up managerial role in Bookspan LLC and also working as the COO of the Book of the Month. Blake Orlandi also takes up philanthropist activities and joined as the board of director of every child Inc.