Healthcare Innovations & Minimally Invasive Surgery

Healthcare innovation is a dynamic and perpetual process. An innovative technology supersedes the conventional methods making it obsolete. The consistent innovations through technology advancements bring a change in practice. This makes improvements in existing procedures, making them refined and more effective for patients.

Surgical innovations

An innovation was made in surgical technology nearly four decades ago, in 1980s. The advent of laparoscopy brought a revolution in the field of surgical techniques. Laparoscopy was introduced as an advanced alternative to conventional surgical method but its scope was limited at the time of its advent. Later decade, the 1990s introduced the concept of minimally invasive surgery. This concept was based on the concept of laparoscopy, and enhanced scope of laparoscopy. The aspiring surgeons like Roberto Casula were greatly impressed with minimally invasive surgical technique.roberto casula

Dr. Casula’s repute in MIS

Dr. Casula performed his first successful cardiac surgery of coronary bypass using this technique in 2002. This opened avenues for more minimally invasive surgeries. Dr. Roberto Casula then performed over 135 successful cardiac surgeries for various heart disorders. Dr. Casula, a cardiothoracic surgeon in St. Mary’s College in London has many milestones of minimally invasive surgeries and robotic surgeries against his name.

Distinct pattern of MIS

There are many surgeons today who are switching over from conventional surgical procedures to minimally invasive procedures in the general surgery, pediatric surgery, urology, gynecology, otorhinolaryngology, and cardiothoracic surgery fields.roberto casula Robert Casula has also passed his skills of minimally invasive surgery to many surgeons by training them in this technique. There is a distinct pattern of growth in this field, and many surgeons now-a-days following this pattern. Minimally invasive surgery has a good future. This technique is also good for patients who can’t face the severity of conventional surgery. A surgery is going to be a much easier procedure in the future. Minimally invasive is a broad term, but procedures evolving under the umbrella of this term will do a great job in the field of surgery.