Remember these things if your shipment gets delayed

When you are placing an order for OEM online through Partzilla shipping you must make sure to remember a lot of things because Partzilla shipping also do not work on certain days and if you expect your order to be delivered on time it may not happen at times and during those times you should not get agitated instead, you should wait and think calm and remember to perform these things without fail.

  1. They do not work on National holidays

Partzilla shippingThere are certain mandatory holidays on which even the Partzilla shipping would not work and during those times the shipment might get delayed and you must wait for a day or two in order to get the shipment done successfully.

  1. They also have a day off

You must also know that the workers also do have weekly offs and if the representative assigned to you is on a day off then your shipping might be delayed. Even during those times, you may end up getting a message from the online merchant regarding the delay. So, even during that time you may have to wait a little patiently in order to receive the order.

  1. The product may not be available

Also, when the products are not available in the warehouse or at the dealer then the order may get delayed because the OEM parts have to be ordered and then it has to be sent to the customer. Hence, this is another time when your order may get delayed.

  1. You may not be available

At times, when the delivery team comes to your home you may not be available and during such times, the product would be taken back by the online merchant. They may not have a message or information about handing over the product to someone else during your absence. During such times, your product delivery would be delayed.