TCU class ring and its uniqueness

The Texas Christian University offers several undergraduate and graduate programs and you would need to apply early by fall, in time for your application to be reviewed and approved. You would also have to submit the requisite documentation including your SAT scores where you would have to score above a certain level in order to be approved for admissions.

tcu ring wrapsOnce you have been admitted to the specified course program, you may want to visit the Fort Worth campus in person and learn more about this prestigious University, its unique traditions, TCU ring wraps, the horned frog and much more.

The ring, under the scanner

When it comes to the TCU ring wraps, it should be pointed out that the overall design is approved by a committee of 15 people each year. Despite the committee putting out a new design for the class ring, it still retains some of the key, original aspects. It comes with the official seal of the University which is displayed front and center. The central figures along with the seal happen to be the torch and star which stands for “knowledge is power”. It is certainly symbolic and it also happens to contain the TCU horned frog to the side as well.

The final year:

tcu ring wrapsThe TCU ring wraps are often presented right at the start of the senior year and is based on your credits, GPA and whether you happen to be in a good standing with the University. If you qualify for the same, then you would be presented with your class ring in a special ceremony. As a student, you should know that once you have been awarded with this ring, you become a horned frog yourself. The ring, helps to develop a unique sense of identity and brand, that would forever mark you as a horned frog.