The Ideas and Preachings of Roberto Casula

Being a man who believes in planning, and synthesizing one’s thoughts into actions, Roberto Casula is known in the world of businessmen and entrepreneurs as a high aiming, over achieving and a visionary all along his life ideals and fellowship.

Born in the city of Cagliari, Italy, Roberto has been always a preacher of technology, technical background and has had a strong fascination towards scientific and technological challenges in association with energy related matters in and around the globe. Aiming to work on an overseas basis to quench his thirst for curiosity towards the countless cultures and contexts around the world, he has had a life full of experiences both professionally and individually.

The Italian Stallion

roberto casula eni

He believes in goals and goal setting. His priority of reaching the targets as planned and thus, growing one’s self esteem has always been placed at a far higher standard than the mere greed of money. Being a part of the Oil and Gas industry, Roberto has been an Energy enthusiast almost all his life. His motive of exploring the energy opportunities while balancing the nations’ need for Oil and Gas has been his purpose for most of his professional strives.

In the MIT Energy Initiative, 2016, Roberto addressed his opinion of balancing the World’s outlook to look forward to and keep trying for sustainable energy opportunities while balancing and dealing with the climatic changes hand in hand.

Roberto Casula Eni: the high water mark of management

As a part of Eni SpA, Roberto has held many managerial and executive positions during 2004 to 2018 thus, dealing with the Oil & Gas industries around Middle East and African areas.

Studying his biography, one would see how clear this man’s objectives were from the very beginning. Apart from the obvious, he has always been an encumbered opportunist and a humble personality preaching gratitude equally in this competitive era.