The Power and Potential of Africa through the eyes of Roberto Casula

Roberto Casula is a mining engineer who hails from Cagliari. He joined Eni in the year 1988. Roberto casula has spent the bigger part of his career in Africa and he believes the place has a lot of contribution to the history and business of Eni.

African’s access to power and energy.

The average energy consumed by the inhabitants is far less than the rest of the world. Africans occupy 16% of the world’s population and use 5% of the energy available. Two-third of the population of the Sub-Saharan region has no access to energy.roberto casula eni

Combustion of biomass in an enclosed surrounding is subjected to a huge health threat. According to WHO, more than 4 million people die every year due to some illness caused due to the ineffective use of these fuels. The burning of biomass emits CO2 which is a big threat to human health. If these fuels can be used efficiently then they can save the lives of millions and improve the quality of life they are leading.

Development of a region is directly dependent on access to energy.

If energy can be efficiently used then development is sure to come. With the proper use of energy, one can get clean water, proper healthcare, good lighting, cooking, and transportation, hygienic sanitation, and good communication system. In the 21st century, a country having all the above is developing.roberto casula eni

Roberto casula eni believes that access to energy has brought revolution in the US and Europe, and Africa can surely reach somewhere near in the 21st century. But the major part of the natural resources produced in the continent is shipped outside. The African’s are therefore forced to rely on the tropical rainforest for fuel. The rate of depletion is high which a big threat to the environment is.

A sustainable measure should be taken to address this issue or else the world shall face some severe problems.