Why is Charity Important? Few Outstanding Reasons

No matter how many developments individuals have made to general living standards, yet they have not reached to all parts of the world.  Some people get things for granted however in many parts of the world, people are still struggling for the basic essentials.Yael Eckstein

Many die out of poverty not able to survive to meet their daily needs. Throughout history, money has been donated to the needy, as well as the poor. Donating money to actual contributions is good for the global poor.

Many fellowship like Yael Eckstein Fellowship is able to provide humanitarian aid to disadvantaged children, families and impoverished elderly people.  But why do we need to donate money?

Reasons to do charity

There is a famous old adage, “Giving is Caring”! Charity is one of the best way to help those who are in need. In order to help the needy people, many foundations and fellowships governed by Yael Eckstein help the society in different ways.

The donations can be used to help a group of people somewhere in the world, encourage greater cooperation between both communities on issues of shared biblical concern and support Israel and Jews in crises or need.

Yael Eckstein

  • When you give something to someone, obviously your inner self would feel proud about your act. Perhaps, it is a satisfactory act. In the recent era, more people are leaning forward in helping the underprivileged people as part of their lives. However, when this is done with sincerity, in fact, it’s a great feeling. Apparently, Yael Eckstein, President of the international fellowship of the Jews and Christians has sacrificed her life for the needy people.
  • Even small donations can create a great impact in someone’s life.
  • Effective involvements of humanitarian services can break the cycle of poverty for the world’s neediest people.