Yael Eckstein and Her Work for the Jewish and Christian

Yael Eckstein is a name of the lady who has been working continuously for Jewish and Christian in Israel. Her father had the idea of founding an organization for the charity to improve the condition and relationship between the Jewish and Christian. His name Yechiel Eckstein is popular in the world for his work.

Yael EcksteinHowever, at the starting moment, nobody knew anything about the charity, but with the various programs and proper messages through each program people basically Jewish come closer to the organization. He founded it in 1983, and just within a few years people across Israel became happy that they were not along now.

How did the presidency of the organization transfer?

The presidency transfers only after retirement of running president. Yechiel Eckstein was founder, and thus his work made people confident about their secure society and life. In Israel, the relationship between Jewish and Christian was not good. But, only with the help of this charity, people can easily adopt the good side of the relationship. Now, after death of Yechiel Eckstein, the director decides to give position to Yael Eckstein.

So, she became the president, however she was positioned in designations for this organization as vice president, Yael Ecksteindirector for program development and executive director. It means she has the capability of working perfectly for the people in the country.

How much perfect the contribution of this brilliant lady?

The lady is a brilliant one who has complete knowledge of the relationship and as she is very much close to her father, so she can diminish the ups and downs in the society. She has written books on this relationship of people and also she is one of the most powerful spokesperson. Her, written articles in the newspaper makes people completely confident that they are in contact of the most accurate lady for their development.

Now, it is clear that how Yael Eckstein works just like her father and sometimes more than her father.